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2007-08-27 05:57:59 by kickababy

So... 9 days ago or so (last friday) I made my first flash about this emo that takes over MTV. Really basic, everything moved like a robot. Next one, I made 7 days ago, (last sunday) about this ninja that attacks the CEO of a company, it actualy changed in quality during the movie as I learned more, and it was admittingly kinda unoriginal. Now its Sunday again, (monday morning I guess) and I made this Final Fantasy style school fight wednesday and thursday. Just posted it, 'cause after watchin it earlier I'm pretty proud (: School in 3 hours.. Hopefully this one stays, can't wait to find out. *Gulp*


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2007-08-27 19:26:26

woot first comment lol

kickababy responds:

hopefully this'll be a big thing one day! but for now... woot woot for us!